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About the start of 1777, Abraham-Louis Perrelet concocted a self-twisting component for programmed watches. It chipped away at an indistinguishable guideline from a cutting edge wristwatch, and was intended to twist as the proprietor strolled, utilizing a wavering weight inside the huge watch that moved up and down. Louis-Frédéric Perrelet, a grandson of Abraham-Louis Perrelet, was prepared by his granddad and started a new business in Paris. Louis-Frédéric imagined marine watches with measuring instruments and a brief moment exactness chronograph. He won one of three Lalande grants for 1830. While the industrial facility cases to have been in constant creation since the late eighteenth century, the brand has just as of late directed consideration deserving of its legacy. The brand, procured in 2004 by Miguel Rodriguez of the Festina Group, has as of late (2007) designated Marc Bernhardt as CEO of Perrelet, and under his course the organization has discharged a couple of exceedingly respected watches. These incorporate watches with retrograde, hopping hour, and twofold rotor difficulties.

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